June 19 - Day 40 of IVF

Egg retrieval is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8:15am. Jennie has become considerably more nervous about everything that is going on. Last night, she had her first intra-muscular shot (HCG) at bedtime. After all the anticipation and build up of fear, she said, "that was nothing. It didn't sting a bit."

Today, the clinic is making Jennie drive downtown for one final estradiol level check. I guess its pretty routine by now. Her poor arms and belly are covered in needle holes. I cannot imagine having as many injections as she had undergone this month.

I will post an afternoon update if Jennie's appointment today has any news. The best news for Jennie today: no shots, no medication, nothing. Today her body is on vacation!

AFTERNOON UPDATE: Jennie's estradiol level came back today at 10,245. She has been told to eat nothing but protein-rich foods and drink lots of Gatorade to avoid any issues.

LINK OF THE DAY: How do they get those blasted eggs?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Anonymous said...

Dave, Ireally like your pic's and cartoon. Thanks for keeping me (Mom) informed. Amy