June 9 - Day 30 of IVF

I woke this morning to the unpleasant sound of the alarm clock beeping at 6 o'clock. Each time I hear the alarm buzz now, I immediately think, "time for your injections, Jennie!".

Today is the first multiple injection day for Jennie. She began with the old, familiar Lupron -- no big deal. Then, she unwrapped a huge mixing needle to draw up 1cc of diluent (saline) to mix with two vials of Bravelle FSH (in powder form). After it was all mixed in one vial, she placed a smaller, subcutaneous needle on the syringe for the injection. She said this new injection stings a bit more than Lupron as its needle is a much thicker gauge. Whoosh, she jammed the needle into her belly. Ouch! I thought... she pushed the plunger and all done. Quickly, efficiently, and yep, just like a professional drug user. :)

My wife, the female hormone druggie, is now well on her way to ovarian hyper stimulation. Her ovaries will now grow 3 to 4 times the normal size of an average female ovary. That sounds painful, doesn't it?

Anyhoo, we are going to finish up the garage painting this morning before we have to leave for a party at 3pm.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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