June 16 - Day 37 of IVF

Jennie's 8am appointment went well this morning. We will be provided with her estradiol level later this afternoon via voicemail. Jennie's eggs are still coming along great (between 15 and 18mm in size). Dr.Weitzman performed the ultrasound today. I suppose since she is getting VERY close to extraction day, he wanted to see firsthand how she is progressing. He was very complementary and said she could even be an egg donor in the future (as her body seems to be handling all the medications without difficulty). In our voicemail this afternoon, the doctor will give us the next ultrasound and/or extraction date.

Wow! It's hard to believe that our IVF month will be complete in less than 20 days.

If I learn anything else exciting today, I will update...

AFTERNOON UPDATE: Jennie's dosages will continue to go down over the next 2-3 days. In IVF, this is called "coasting". The eggs will continue maturing, but her estradiol level will not peak at dangerous levels. Jennie's estradiol level came back today at 2,815. The doctor's voicemail said her egg extraction will be scheduled for this coming Wednesday morning with a final ultrasound & E2 check on Monday morning. Jennie will take an HCG shot Monday evening and no medications on Tuesday.

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Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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