July 11 ( 5 Weeks Pregnant )

Jennie's final beta hCG test will be today at 9:30AM. Can you believe she is 5 weeks pregnant today? I will post the results of her test later this afternoon.

Yesterday was a wee bit stressful to say the least. FedEx was supposed to deliver Jennie's new prescription for Crinone (progesterone cream) or so we thought. The IVF nurse at the clinic FORGOT to order it on Monday after Jennie's appointment. In fact, if Jennie had not been proactive by phoning the Texas-based IVF pharmacy, we would still be waiting for this critical medicine. I understand we are all human and prone to making mistakes, but why not at least be apologetic? The nurse acted as if she had done nothing wrong. Oh well, thanks for letting me vent.

Luckily, we had just under a CC of left over injectable Progesterone remaining to cover us for last night. So, hopefully, FedEx will deliver the new medication today by mid-afternoon.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: Jennie's final beta hCG level was 707. Everything is looking good and right on track. Jennie's next ultrasound will be on Wednesday, July 25th at 1pm CST.

News personality Laura Faber from Nashville's local Fox affiliate is doing a story on infertility tomorrow and Jennie was asked to appear in the piece. Along with an interview of the Nashville Fertility Clinic's Dr. Glen Weitzman, Jennie will get to answer a few questions about her experiences leading up to IVF. But the main focus will be on a new product that tests a female's FSH level and a male's sperm count prior to proceeding with infertility treatments. The product will be sold at pharmacies right next to the pregnancy tests and other family planning items. Cool, huh?

LINK OF THE DAY: People who should think twice about hyphenating their names...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Clay said...

Sounds like things are right on track. I'm so happy for you and Jennie!