July 4 - Day 55 of IVF

Merry Independence Day! This is the only day of the year I actually don't hate living in this region's largest subdivision. 360 degrees of fireworks exploding at all hours and whistling by your ear as you sip a cold one under a gibbous waning moon. Ahh! That's the life!

Well, this year our yard should not catch on fire as it has in the past. Rain has fallen frequently enough in the past week or two, the old lady next door can keep her water hose rolled up and not worry about people's crispy yards flaming up from fireworks gone awry.

Less than 48 hours to go until Jennie's pregnancy test. I am still crossing my fingers and toes for twins! Use the COMMENTS feature below if you have any thoughts or wishes for this holiday...

LINK OF THE DAY: The No Clown Zone

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


Dave said...

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Go ahead, make my day! :)

Clay said...

gibbous ... wow, I had to look that up! Anyone else curious?

I'll definitely keep my fingers and toes crossed for you guys as well. Won't be too much longer now!

Happy 4th! Watch out for the bottle rockets whizzing past your head. Sip a cold one or two underneath the gibbous moon for me! :)

Colonialhead said...

Happy 4th of July Dave and Jennie!
May it be gibbous!!!!