July 7

While yesterday's pregnancy test came back positive, I learned the actual hCG number is not as important as its rate of rise over the next two tests. For example, a beta hCG value between 5 and 476 would have been acceptable yesterday. Jennie's 110 should double every 48 to 72 hours over the next few weeks peaking upwards of 288,000 before coming down to the 150,000 range at childbirth!

Since her LMP (last menstrual period) was June 7, 2007, Jennie is considered four weeks and two days pregnant right now (even though conception was June 20th). If all goes well, the EDD (estimated due date) will be approximately March 12th, 2008.

July 11 to August 15 is the greatest risk period for birth defects, so I will try to keep Jennie sheltered as much as possible during this time. The risk for miscarriage decreases after August 29, 2007. That seems like forever from now...

The third trimester begins on December 12th, 2007.

LINK OF THE DAY: Ever wonder why Snooze is 9 minutes?

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Dave T.

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Colonialhead said...

I prefer a 6 hour and 17 minute snooze period.... but that's just me.