July 26

Our baby cashew is doing well inside the incubator known as Jennie's innards.

I guess this would be a great time to create a mental bookmark in the dark, moldy tunnels of my memory bank. My sub-scalar, Macadamia nut is still so small and incapable of doing any wrong. While offering all the promise in the world, will he be a professional hockey player (fingers crossed) or will she be the first female president of the United States? The most important goal for now will be the safety and well-being of this new life.

And then, sixteen years from now, when junior wants to borrow the car for his or her first *hot* date, I can cringe with the fears of parenting! I suppose an NRA membership will be a must if I have a little girl? hehe

LINK OF THE DAY: Will it blend? Things NOT to do at home...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, I like your blog, the embyro looks just like you. Amy