July 9

Last night I gave Jennie her final injection! She began laughing as soon as I plunged the needle into her rump and could not stop. She will have a nice booty bruise to remember that last shot...

This morning at 9:30AM, Jennie has her second of three beta hCG levels. We are hoping for something in the 200 - 220 range (as it should double every 48 - 72 hours). I should know something by mid-afternoon.

MID-DAY UPDATE: 11:28AM Jennie's IVF nurse called her at home with terrific news! Her beta hCG level came back with a value of 355 today! It has more than tripled since last Friday. Wonderful news! Jennie has one final beta hCG test this coming Wednesday morning (almost 5 weeks pregnant).

The next big dates are: July 25th (ultrasound, 6 1/2 weeks pregnant) and August 8th (ultrasound, 8 1/2 weeks pregnant).

LINK OF THE DAY: Anagrams never lie...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


Clay said...

Great news!!!

Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Having had those same blood tests, I know how exciting this is! So happy for ya'll!