July 28

On this day in 1900, the hamburger was created by Louis Lassen in Connecticut. In honor of Sir Lassen, I will celebrate his achievement and light the grill!

Happy Hamburger Day everyone!

Jennie slept late this morning while I played 9 holes of golf with a co-worker of mine (Kishore). The sky has been terribly overcast the past few days, but we welcome the rain (even in sparse amounts). Anytime I can avoid manually watering my yard and garden, I am very thankful.

Once again, Jennie and I do not have any big plans this weekend, but afternoon naps are great! I think I will go take one now and dream of Mr. Lassen's invention!

"Robble, robble, robble" ~ the Hamburgular.

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Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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