July 13

Happy Friday the 13th! How apropos? Last night, Jennie and I thought we had a ghost in the house!

Just before drifting off to sleepy-land, a muffled crash of glass-on-metal rang throughout the house. Hmm... ever so cautiously, we searched the kitchen, the bathrooms, the guest rooms, the closets, and found nothing broken. Very peculiar. We agreed it must be trash day tomorrow and someone must be chucking some empty beer bottles into their trash container somewhere on our street.

Then, a few hours later, a smoke detector near our guest rooms sang its piercing song to the tune of 115 decibels. Jennie and I both jumped from the bad in fright. Ever wonder why fire alarms decide to fail at 3 o'clock in the morning? Stupid 9-volt battery... :)

This morning Jennie found a plastic grocery bag full of light bulbs that must have fallen from a shelf in the laundry room onto our dryer. So, I guess we don't have a ghost after all.

Jennie is relaxing at home today. Somehow, I think she *bribed* her mom to come over and vacuum the living room. Hey, I need to get some pointers on how to pull that off! Well, not much else going on.

Enjoy your weekend!

LINK OF THE DAY: How do you dress appropriately?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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