July 22

Three days to go. One or two?

Yesterday, Jennie and I hung around the house. Nothing terribly exciting. She spent some time updating her baby registries and I did some minor housework.

The weather has really cooled off here this weekend (reaching only the high 80's). The airy breeze feels so much like autumn at dusk. Other than the occasional mosquito bite and the view of our neighbors' disease-ridden, chartreuse pool water, relaxing on our back porch is heavenly! Can anyone in good conscience let their child swim in a pool several shades darker than our lake water? At least the lake has natural filtration and non-stagnant water. I really need to take a digital photo of my neighbor's pool to emphasize my point. Seeing is believing, and the previous owner (the one who installed the pool ten years ago) ALWAYS had the most inviting light blue pool water (his Italian machismo, excessive gold jewelry, and swagger were second only to his desire to be the world's most adept pool boy!). He kept it so meticulously manicured with chemicals, you would never think twice about diving in. Now, we see the new folks remove stray frogs from the pool filter and scoop out a few tablespoons of dry chemicals weekly (when they need to shock it with about 5 gallons of chlorine). Maybe the resulting ear infections and cholera outbreak would help keep our local medical clinics on their toes?

This morning, Jennie and I went for a nice 2-mile stroll around one of the Long Hunter State Park trails (Couchville Lake circle - wooded trail but a paved loop, great for old fogies). I made sure it was not too strenuous for the growing baby / babies. We came home afterwards, unloaded some groceries, and Jennie is still napping as I type this now.

I began reading a book by Harlan Coben yesterday called Tell No One. After only a few hours, I am already hooked and cannot put it down! The book moves at a VERY quick pace (as I am eight chapters and 85 pages in). Jennie is thrilled I would read something other than computer or hockey-related news. While Stephen King or Dean Koontz usually tame my palate, I thought it would be nice to change it up a bit with an author she really enjoys (especially since hockey season starts in a few weeks). hehehe :)

LINK OF THE DAY: Harlan Coben website

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


Colonialhead said...

Okay so maybe your neighbor's pool is a little "cloudy" lol.... but is there a better place to play Marco Polo!?!?

The fact that the millions of strands of bacteria literally blind you upon submersion completely removes the option of cheating by opening your eyes!

Clay said...

Cool! Vickie turned me on to Harlan Coben a couple of years ago, and I too was hooked. I've read all the Myron Bolitar books, and a couple of the others including the one you're reading now. I always end up staying awake way too late so that I can finish the book. :)

Enjoy it!