July 17

In eight days, we should know how many babies Jennie is carrying (one or two). But, we must wait more than two months until we discover the sex of it or them.

Dates of interest:
  • July 25th (week 7 ultrasound)
  • August 8th (week 9 ultrasound)
  • August 23rd (11 week ultrasound)
  • sometime around September 19th (week 15 ultrasound)

Jennie and I began working on establishing some Baby Registries at Walmart.com, Target.com, Amazon.com, and Babies R Us yesterday. We are not quite finished yet, but I think we have plenty of time... :)

LINK OF THE DAY: Can you believe this guy?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Anonymous said...

I will be in a meeting all day on the 25th and not being able to get to my computer to find out what you post until evening is going to drive me batty bonkers! I love the counter btw; neat idea! Take care!

Lizz (look! I signed it this time! LOL)