July 5 - Day 56 of IVF

Well, it has come down to the final 24 hours of waiting...

This 56-day month of IVF has been a long journey. Hopefully, a reward of one or two munchkins will be produced as a result of this process. Only time will tell.

Today, I am exhausted. Fireworks were going off as late as 3AM in our neighborhood last night and my dog notified me after each explosion with barking. Just in case I missed the artillery shell, Maggie told us all about it... :)

I guess I should be grateful that Maggie no longer "makes us a hat". She used to be so scared of fireworks that she would tightly snuggle around your head like an imported fez. Meanwhile, she would shake like a cheap hotel bed after inserting 50 cents.

LINK OF THE DAY: Ponder this, Batman -- an ekpyrotic universe. Read about this new 'Big Bang' theory. Couple this with 'Flat Time' theories and it will blow your mind.

WORD OF THE DAY: There you go using big words again, Davey! What does this nutty 'ekpyrotic' word mean?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

4 comments: said...

ekpyrotic-is not in my Webster!!
So what time is the test tomorrow?? I'm so excited. I can hardley wait. You better call my cell phone!!! Mom

Dave said...

I believe the test is at 8am and the lab work should be back no later than 4pm CST. :)

Colonialhead said...

yeah... what the hell was up with the fireworks at 3am!!! I had an entrance exam for school today and felt like a zombie after getting no sleep... ANGRY!

Anyhow, the suspense is killing us. It's 6PM... OUT WITH IT!!!!
just kidding.

Can't wait to hear the results.

Dave said...

Hey Mike,

Keep me posted on your culinary chef-itude :)

Jennie's test results will be back on Friday by 4pm -- not today... hehe

Dave T.