August 11

Only twelve more days until Jennie and I celebrate our 10th year wedding anniversary! Or, as you probably remember from my earlier blog postings, this will be our 120th anniversary (since we celebrate monthly).

For the weekend of the 24th, I am currently planning a small, surprising getaway for Jennie. I will *try* to sneak along my laptop to keep my daily blog posting streak alive.

The heat wave appears to be gradually subsiding. Today, the high is only 98 degrees! Yay... I don't remember four consecutive 100+ degree days in my life. Well, at least not in Tennessee. :)

Has anyone experienced "swelling" to their house during this heat wave? Our garage door is having issues closing during the hottest parts of the day. Oh well, on the bright side, not having to mow the yard HAS been great!

LINK OF THE DAY: China has cloned the iPhone...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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