August 24

Today is Jennie's appointment to see her new OBGYN. Hopefully, this consultation will provide some clarification on what we may expect from here on out.

Sorry for the short post, but I need to run for now...

I will update later if we find out anything exciting.

EVENING UPDATE: Today's appointment went well. Dr.Wise performed a quick ultrasound on Jennie's belly and we all saw the baby move. It was very exciting! As expected, it's still a bit early to hear the heartbeat using a Doppler device. Jennie's next appointment and ultrasound is scheduled for Thursday, September 20th (15 weeks, 1 day). We will find out the baby's sex around October 24th (20 weeks). Boy or girl, it does not matter to me.

When you absolutely, positively have to go...

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Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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