August 28

My DSL internet service is scheduled to be turned on by 5pm CST today. So, I will be officially Comcast-less tomorrow, once and for all... My Yahoo.com email address is the best way to reach me (if you get any "message undeliverable" emails returned from my obsolete comcast.net address).

Words simply cannot express how pleased I am with our satellite TV service (now having it for over a week). Dish Network and DirecTV are analogous to a refreshing glass of ice cold Coke and Pepsi. While both satellite services have a strong following, choosing one over the other really depends on your taste or TV-viewing needs. Then, you have (Comcast) the forgotten, curdled glass of milk left out in the garage for several days. Thirst may tell you to drink it, but the sickness that follows will turn you away forever!

Oh yeah, Jennie is doing well... Very sleepy, but happy. :)

LINK OF THE DAY: Introducing the smallest park in the world!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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