August 14

Jennie will use her final dose of progesterone gel tomorrow! It really seems like an eternity has come to pass since she began giving herself shots, ingesting pills, and applying cream gels. The placenta should be resilient enough at 10 weeks (tomorrow) to sustain the baby without progesterone cream.

I am carefully weighing the pro's and con's of Digital Cable VS. Satellite TV. I would be very anxious to hear any opinions from family, friends, or even strangers. Please click on the little envelope to the right of the COMMENTS to email me directly or feel free to leave an anonymous comment here if you have any thoughts...

Pros: I have nothing bad to say about the cable modem service.
Cons: The digital cable has "pixelating" and "tiling" issues on many of the channels sporadically. Our local cable company continues to raise rates and remove channels from the lineup. Not enough channels broad cast in High Definition. The digital cable does not work well with TiVo.

Pros: I have never owned a "dish", but I have had good results with DSL in my area. You can get a HUGE amount of High Definition channels at a lower cost.
Cons: The only concern I have is, "What if the service stinks? Am I stuck with a big, bulky dish? If it rains, do I lose my TV programming?"

Please let me know your good and bad experiences with Satellite, DSL, or Cable services.

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