August 21

Unfortunately, Jennie's employer is showing no mercy these days (denying requested time off, requiring extra hours worked, etc). Although she is considered a "part time employee", Jennie has been working nearly 40 hours per week filling in for several co-workers out on maternity leave. I suppose the most painful part is the commuting time; after an exhausting day, she drives over an hour each way to work and home. Ouch!

Now that the temperatures across middle Tennessee have fallen to the upper 90's, I need to start mowing my yard again. Officially, we are only a month away from Jennie's favorite season: Autumn.

The remaining leaves (those that successfully avoided becoming wilted and necrotic) will develop beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow in the next six to eight weeks...

Don't you just love the Fall? Labor Day, Football, Halloween. For me, while nature cleanses itself with death and dying, it's a time of hope and renewal -- as Hockey season begins! Training camp starts in a few short weeks.

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Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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