August 23

Happy Anniversary to me! It's been a "duck egg" -- well, as a youngster, that's what I used to call a decade. Since Jennie has to work late today, we will probably celebrate in front of the TV with an overflowing bowl of cereal. How's that for romantic?

I am anxious to see what tomorrow's OBGYN appointment provides (if anything). Call it OCD, if you will, but the uncertainty of not knowing when Jennie's future ultrasounds will take place is killing me. While I like to pretend to be spontaneous and full of adventure, those who know me well realize I am full of something else! hehehe Oh well, a control freak I am not, but high-level planning, structure, and a routine are a must!

"Chance favors the prepared mind." -- Louis Pasteur


LINK OF THE DAY: Wireless electricity? What will they think of next?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


Anonymous said...

Seems like just yesterday! You two looked great and haven't changed at all. What exactly is the due date for the little one?
Happy anniversary! Hope you got my card.

Dave said...


Due date should be approximately March 12, 2008.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad to know that some couples really are happy and make it 10 years! Hope there are many more happy "duck eggs" for you guys!

clay said...

Congrats and Happy Anniversary Dave and Jennie!!!

Just think, at the next one you'll be changing diapers.

Anonymous said...

mom had this picture proudly in her den. in case most don't know it, david was adored in my moms eyes, they got along so great. i don't think dave ever done any wrong in her eyes....ever....she loved you so much, and double would go for the baby on the way...