August 16

Ten weeks pregnant, yet reality has still not begun to seep into my thick skull. Jennie modeled several maternity outfits she purchased yesterday, and I still feel the same. I wonder what it will take for me to feel different? Will it be when I feel the baby kicking for the first time OR will it be when I faint during Jennie's delivery? Maybe the first night at home after leaving the hospital with all the crying and diaper changing? While six months from now certainly seems out of reach, it will be here before you can say, "Rumplestilts-TILSON-kin".

Yay! Jennie had her worst morning sickness yesterday and she IS super excited! From everything we have heard and read, morning sickness is a sign that the baby is healthy (possible wives' tale alert). So, Jennie says, "Let me puke".


LINK OF THE DAY: Bad news for dentists?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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