August 6

Today is "Back to School" day for many in the mid-state area. All things considered, traffic was not too bad this morning. I have altered my work schedule to avoid Nashville's horrid traffic constipation. Avoiding the persistent "let's-speed-up-to-slam-on-our-brakes" type of traffic is always a plus! :)

Jennie and I enjoyed our annual visit to Nashville Shores (one of Nashville's two water parks in the metro area) yesterday. I successfully avoided sunburn, but Jennie's shoulders and back were not so lucky. She will be fine, but I think we will need to use SPF-8,000 if we go back on a 100-degree day.

Only two more days until Jennie's next ultrasound. I hope the baby's heartbeat can be recorded somehow or maybe I can hear it over a cell phone.

LINK OF THE DAY: Relax with this Paintball game...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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