August 4

It took a Herculean effort, but I was able to convert Jennie's 3 1/2 minute interview into a YouTube video. I apologize for the less than stellar quality of the video, but YouTube restricts video size (it has to be less than 100 MB). I began with a 6.5 Gigabyte video file (6,656 MB) and kept compressing until it was only a mere 24 Megabytes!


Jennie worked late yesterday, so I hit the Smyrna Greenway once again and enjoyed pedaling nearly 8 miles on my bicycle. As I stopped off for some Gatorade on my way home, my legs and back were so stiff (God, I'm getting old) that I probably appeared to be mildly intoxicated (stumbling to and fro in the convenience store).

Last night Jennie and I watched The Hills Have Eyes. It was not nearly as scary as it was grotesque and gory. Sometimes implied gore and psychological horror is more satisfying for the movie watcher. Just my 2 cents...

Enjoy the Tax Free weekend (if you are in TN)!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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